Business Partner Connect

Business Partner Connect

Private companies in South Africa are renowned for their generosity in supporting diverse social programming and interventions. We believe that all businesses – from spaza shops to multinational corporations – have the ability to create positive, meaningful change in their communities.

The case for supporting She Conquers is simple: supporting South Africa’s youth in their fight to improve their wellbeing and economic independence means supporting the future of South Africa. She Conquers provides a medium through which businesses can do exactly that.

By bringing together an array of government, civil society, and community-based actors that serve youth across South Africa, She Conquers harnesses varied insight and experience that will effectively create change with and for South African youth.

Here are a few ways that your company can begin to support South African youth through She Conquers right now:

  • Support parenting programmes for employees with children and young parents in the community
  • Support programmes that work with orphans and vulnerable children
  • Support programmes and organisations that focus on gender norms and behaviour change to fight sexual and gender-based violence
  • Support programmes that provide advocacy and counselling services for victims of sexual and gender-based violence
  • Sponsor or support after-school or community programmes that focus on keeping girls in school
  • Establish and strengthen workplace HIV programmes and fund HIV outreach programmes in the community
  • Adopt a school in need (e.g. one that demonstrates high levels of HIV risk indicators)
  • Adopt a TVET college to improve the transition from education to employment
  • Sponsor a mobile clinic that serves youth in a particular district or municipality
  • Sponsor and participate in job fairs at secondary schools, TVETs, and universities
  • Adopt a district or sub-district and work with local leaders and industry to generate employment opportunities for youth
  • Support initiatives that promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skill-building through financial support of existing organisations or employee mentorships

These are just a few ways in which your company can proudly support South Africa’s youth.

For further information or to make a commitment, please contact:

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